Retirement Planning

Full Service Retirement Planning and Investment Advisory firm

JD Underwood Financial is an independent financial services firm NOT owned by an insurance company or asset management firm. Therefore, we are free to use the very best products and resources without limitation, and have no obligation to offer any one company’s products. This arrangement allows us to offer an unbiased objective approach to individuals and business owners to best serve your financial needs.

We are concept oriented NOT product oriented.

The strategies for our clients center on asset and income protection and estate protection for heirs. Because of that philosophy each of the companies we represent, and the product lines they offer are oriented towards those goals.

It’s important to understand there is a bias and conflict of interest that is determined by how people are licensed in the financial services industry. Let’s break this down into two categories, the safe or protected money side, and the risk management side. In most cases, the safe money people, primarily life insurance agents, want all your money on their side. The risk management people want all your money on their side of the industry. This is where the conflict of interest lies.

The way to eliminate this conflict is to work with a financial professional who will take the best products from these two competing worlds, the safe/protected money side, and the risk management side, and build a customized plan that makes sense for you personally. By getting the appropriate mix or “dosage” between these two areas, will help you not make emotional decisions.