Investment Advisory

A Fee Based Financial Advisory company: Client interests first

JD Underwood Financial is an Investment Advisory and Wealth Management firm that provides professional money management on a no commission, fee-only basis. In short, fee-only means there are no commissions.

Have you ever wondered if the advice and guidance you got from your financial advisor was actually in your best interest? Our firm has been structured to minimize conflicts of interests so that you can feel confident you are getting advice that has your success in mind.

JD Underwood Financial receives no other compensation than the fee we charge to manage your portfolio. We don't make a commission, so why should you pay one? Because we are an independent firm with fiduciary responsibility, we are free to use the very best investments and resources available without limitation, and have no obligation to sell proprietary products or services. This arrangement aligns our interests with yours, and allows us to offer an unbiased objective approach to best serve your investment needs.

We understand the bias and conflicts of interest that are determined by how someone is licensed. As an independent, fee-only Investment Advisory firm we are a fiduciary to our clients, which means it is our legal and ethical duty to serve your best interests first, without conflicts. We are not employees beholden to a family of funds, nor do we have an incentive to sell proprietary products or services, or an incentive to generate commissions.

Our mission is to help clients prepare for and have a positive retirement experience. We help our clients understand uncertainties they may have in their portfolio and overall financial picture, and then develop plans of action.

Our desire is to enrich the lives of our clients by putting their needs first with personalized investment advice and services in an effort to assist them in fulfilling their needs, goals, and dreams. We believe that an independent, fee-only advisor with a fiduciary duty adds value to the client/advisor relationship.